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College seeks to be among the top universities in Sudan and the Arab world, and this required that students admitted to be an end in excellence in order to compete with the prestigious university students in Sudan. We had to take care of its students in all academic areas and to create the right climate and the provision of laboratories and libraries and their involvement in local and international trips and workshops.


Rehabilitation of a large number of architects to effectively contribute to the construction boom of the country in various areas of planning and designs for infrastructure, housing, commercial, industrial and learning, health, administrative and security services and other community requirements. This message is complete and achieve the aspirations of the students to get an education and make an effort Baltqaihm professors in these scientific lighthouse - College of Architecture.


This educational institution to aim to achieve its mission to teach architecture and modern systems for a large number of students over five years to qualify at the end of the Ihsalo university degrees in architecture and in the way it is keen college that students receive during the years of their studies What they need most of the basic aids designs and architectural research on developed , is also keen to distinguish them leadership and a high level of creativity, and make room for them Napehin Studies on the university. - Seeking university of excellence in scientific research and university education. - Sustainability excellence and pioneering innovation. - Excellence and leadership in higher education.